Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventure in Healing thru Art

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In the last five days, I have painted 10 hours not great but great for a person which under went back surgery twelve days ago...Finishing up one painting, started sketch on a 30X32 Landscape. Been running a low grade fever. Went to Local MD got a shot in right hip Monday and today (Tues) another.  Thursday I see the P.A. and will find out what type of rehab. she has planned...also about fever. 
But those few hour I painted made all the pain leave and the world was normal..Trying to finish up few paintings for up coming Shows /Competitions. Deadlines help push the mind in to a different area of the brain, right side, to visualize the work and all the stages.
Life will just get better and better from here on out....
I will be posting painting soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The adventure of recovery

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Today is Monday, somewhere I lost a full day.  Surgery went well, on the way home we picked up prescripts and def. needed them.  Sat started running fever all day, almost went to ER, doc returned call at 930 and increased the Tylenol and by today the fever has leveled off to norm. My back is still very tender, starting to feel the sciatica nerve, cannot tell if good or bad.
I've been up and down and walking since day one and will do more along, after this I will have a ripped stomach and strong back muscles...(in about six weeks lol)
Charles has been a strong care taker with sweet feelings (great husband).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventure in Back Surgery

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Yesterday was a big adventure..back surgery that I have been putting off for approx. five to seven years...Time passes fast and the doctors nowadays are so up to date on complex issues , mine was a day surgery...sent me home all druged up...today is a different story.. sore and on a few  (LOL) drugs...Cleaned out my L2-3,4-5. No back brace, thank God for a good doc....  Also picked up a bad allergy, running nose, eye, etc.,   Hope this passes quicker than the rehab.. Today is harder than yesterday. Hope my days get a little better...After four weeks I can drive. I've moved in a partial studio, so can keep on doing thumb nail sketches and a few color studies....Reading Dunn, will be enjoying Lougheed  and studying Gerhartz....Art is a great place for your mind to go....(love the right side  of the brain)  I'll be in/out of website for a couple of weeks. Thanks to all for prayers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art as an Adventure

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What I mean by an Adventure is this: 
The Adventure begins:  Plein-aire find a location, Wow, that was a hard one....Now what information shall you gather?  Design, value, relationship of color, and correct drawing...Of course it was:  an Adventure/the Adrenalin rush.  The feeling of accomplishment of the statement.. 
Adventure continues in the studio taking the plein-aire, if desirded, to a larger statement. The larger statement of your inturperation of the location by:  putting emotion, getting more depth, simply the statement, telling the time of day, the temputure, weather/wind make your statement stronger. Which sould associate with the view/purchaser stronger, they will feel/see/almost smell the location.
I will be having back surgery tomorrow at 7 am.. (laied up for five weeks) so I will be posting ideas, question  and a little humor.....(this too maybe an adventure)
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